A plugcomputer is just a small computer. Think about your desktop computer or your notebook, just without keyboard, without display, using much less power and everything in an enclosure not much bigger than AC power plug. Plugcomputers have all the basic interfaces like network connection and USB, some even provide eSATA, a second network interface or for example a u-snap connector. Also models with wireless and bluetooth are available. They are intended to use at home and whith their low power consumption, they can be always on. With their power, they can be used as small home servers or as a gateway between your home netork and the internet, thus for almost anything a big server can be used for. The range of applications is endless since you have all the possibilities like on your desktop computer. A common operating system used is the Linux operating system Debian, which allows you to install hundreds of applications. However, any operating system supportin ARM CPU's should work, also Windows versions like WindowsCE.

Plugcomputer become increasingly popular since (as far as I know) GlobalScale Technologies started producing their products, the Sheevaplug and it's follow-up version the GuruPlug family. Products which are based on the Sheevaplug (or similar processors) are:

  • The Pogoplug which allows you to share your USB-drive on your network or the internet
  • The TonidoPlug which is also designed to use as NAS or homeserver (as it seems like with web-interface and many possibilities like jukebox, gallery, calendar, backup management, ...).


Any information about other plugcomputers is apprechiated.