Since the GuruPlug gets quite hot, GlobalScale decided to modify the plugcomputer with a small fan to improve air flow. The only problem now is that the fan is squeezed in the only left space within the plugcomputer and it makes a lot of noise.The following pictures show that the fan only has a very little space and mainly blows the air into the power supply.



Some information about the fan:

Here is the data-sheet for SUNON MagLev fans. According to the model number KD0520PEB2-8 it has the following specifications:

  • KD Series
  • Power: 5 VDC
  • Frame size: 20mm x 20mm
  • Frame material: PBT Plastic
  • Frame thickness: 6mm
  • Ball-bearing system
  • Medium speed
  • Motor with 8 poles

Furthermore, the tag on the fan says that it has a power consumption of 0.6W

If these specifications are converted to SUNON's new model numbering system, the model number would probably be something like this: ??20060B20000999


Using the given data, the maximum current and the resistance of the fan can be calculated:

I = 120mA

R = 41.67Ω