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About me

I am a student from Switzerland currently studying electrical engineering/communication technology. I will (hopefully) get my Bachelors Degree in summer 2011.

Since I was little, my fascination was about electronics and computer. After secondary school (high school), I completed an apprenticeship as electronic technician and soon after, I decided to continue my education with a Bachelors Degree in electrical engineering.

About 2 years ago (in summer 2008) I started using Linux (Ubuntu). Only a few months later, I made it to my major operating system and only used Windows casually for gaming or individual software for which I did not find a Linux-replacement yet. I was fascinated about the possibilities of free and open source software and soon started to get my first experiences setting up a home server. Now, I want to bring my home server to perfection and extend it with home automation and other features.

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